How To Jailbreak iPad 4.1 – 9 Easy Steps to Successfully Jailbreak iPad 4.1

Do you want to know how to Jailbreak iPad 4.1? Jailbreaks are software mediums that perform system circumventions in different ways which depends on how the creator understood the mechanics of iPad and how such constructed the tool to do the jailbreak.  The creation of jailbreaking tools provided many benefits than harm to all iPad products since it produces more applications that are not present in a normal iPad unit. The following are jailbreak iPad 4.1 that are commonly used by users which are also disclosed by hackers in the internet:

•    Greenpois0n – a jailbreak brewed and released by Chronic Dev Team to iPad consumers.  The tool is written in 2 exploits which are the SHAtter and kernel exploit given by Comex so as to make the jailbreak untethered.
•    Limera1n - a jailbreak tool made by George Hotz running to Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  The software requires 4.0 and 4.1 firmware in Pads and be connected into a computer.  However, such is known for bugs and needs to restart in order to let Cydia function.  Also, it cannot be uninstalled on which complete deletion will only halt the jailbreak from functioning.
•    PwnageTool - Another software medium for jailbreaker created by iPhone Dev Team.

The Ingredients to Jailbreak iPad 4.1

Hackers often provide the finish product of a jailbreak.  What only users need to comply is the installation and demonstration of procedures to fully run the jailbreak. However, what developers don’t disclose is the components that lead to the creation of jailbreak iPad 4.1 and the nature of processing the final jailbreak output.  According to some generous information divulged, jailbreak is made through technical patching of UNIX file/etc/fstab to enable complete –rwx access on the system partition which then allows system files editing. Original jailbreak tools do the job of jailbreaking by making modifications on the AFC service which is also utilized by iTunes in order to access root file system.
Later, such method is updated into AFC2 service which also enables interception into the main system. Latest jailbreaks on the other hand namely limera1n, 24kpwn, steaks4uce, Pwnage2, and many more do patching on the kernels so as to play around on code signing requirement and other restrictions on which such still needs a one or more exploit to make the tool fully functional.  For jailbreak iPad 4.1, Limera1n bootrom is the exploit used which is a tethered tool but such can be untethered when using another form of exploits.

Jailbreak iPad 4.1 Pathfinder

As a beginner or pro user of jailbreaks, such has the right to become too meticulous in selecting the right jailbreak tool for not all jailbreaking measures results to a successful and fully functional jailbreak.  Others often undergo a series of procedure repetition due to poor guidelines and high technical software terms that inhibits user to accomplish the task and some jailbreaks are just inefficiently created.  Thus, to determine if a jailbreak is effective and systematic, one can look at the step process first prior to application. Once an individual have purchased the jailbreak tool, the complete mechanics can already be browsed in detail which are:

Step 1: In Jailbreaking, iTunes and the firmware version of iPad 4.1 must be downloaded first.
Step 2: Update iTunes and iPad into 4.1 firmware version.
Step 3: After the process, Click Browse icon of the jailbreak tool and  firmware for the iPad unit to begin the jailbreaking measures.
Step 4: The screen will continuously show the Next button after each procedure, just click Next every time it appears.
Step 5: In the last part of the process, there are Sets of Options coming out including Cydia.  Click Cydia and the Next icon again.
Step 6: The user is immediately instructed to turn off the iPad and attach it to a computer.
Step 7: After connecting the device, press the Next button once more on the screen.
Step 8:   In this time, the user is instructed to place the iPad in DFU mode by following the few steps on the screen.
•    Holding power button for 3 seconds
•    Holding power and home icon simultaneously for more than 10 seconds
•    Releasing power button but still holding power button
Step 9: The iPad will then immediately restart after the jailbreaking process.

The Sure Way to Jailbreak iPad 4.1

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