jailbreak Ipad

Do you want to know the Jailbreak Ipad methods that you can use?  If you do, then read this article.  In here, I will provide you with some insights as to why you should jailbreak your Ipad – including the benefits from doing so, as well as the most efficient methods of doing it.  So, read on – you just might be surprised.

The Ipad – More Than Just A Device

Among the many technological devices that have recently come out, the Ipad has got to be one of the best, if not the best.  After all, not only does it have the most advanced features to boast of, but it has also been designed and created by Apple, which is considerably, one of the leading technology companies in the world today.

The Ipad’s features are unlike no other – having hundreds of thousands of apps that are available for your pleasure and convenience – which is one of the main reasons why it is the number one device in the world today.

However, did you know that you can make your Ipad even more feature-packed than it already is?  How?  You can do this by jailbreaking your Ipad.

Jailbreak Ipad – Defining The Process

An Ipad that is not jailbroken will have a limited choice as to the choice of apps that one can download.  This is because of the fact that Apple, the creator of this device, has restricted thousands of apps from being downloaded – despite how good one may be.

However, by jailbreaking your Ipad, you will have the unlimited freedom to download whatever you want.  Hence, you will have an unbridled access to all the custom themes that you want, all the music that you long to hear, all the games that you want to play and all the programs that you want to install in your device.

A word of caution though – not all jailbreaking methods may be as efficient as you may want them to be.  There are those which can actually cause irreparable damage to your device, while there are those which can cause you to lose your warranty.  Hence, it is of utmost importance that you exercise prudence when jailbreaking your Ipad.  Otherwise, you might regret it.

Jailbreak Ipad – The Benefits That You Can Get From It

Aside from the freedom to download anything that you want, jailbreaking has numerous other benefits that you will surely love to have.  Here are some of them:

For A Better Viewing Pleasure

If you love watching movies, but your Ipad does not have the necessary storage capacity to store all your favorite movies, jailbreaking will solve this problem for you.  By using a jailbroken Ipad and the necessary app, you can easily stream the movies that you want to watch from your computer.

Hence, you do not need to copy the movies directly to your Ipad – instead, all that you need to do is to access your PC and just watch the movie that you want.  It’s that simple.

For A Better Plug And Play Capability

Usually, Ipads do not support other USB devices, except those that are specifically allowed by Apple.  However, with a jailbroken Ipad, this need not be an issue at all.  By jailbreaking your device, you will be able to use Bluetooth or USB keyboards, USB speakers or headsets, microphones and other USB devices.

For Remote PC Accessibility

By jailbreaking your Ipad and getting the right app, you will be able to access your PC remotely.  This means that you will be able to access your PC even from a distance.

By using your jailbroken Ipad, you will be able to access important business files from your PC, even if you are currently in another city!  Through this capability, you will be able to retrieve any file that you may have forgotten for your business meeting – because this tool will let you control your remote computer from a large distance, like you are there in front of it.

Jailbreak Ipad – Step By Step

If you’re interested in jailbreaking your Ipad, here are some steps that you can follow to make it possible:

1.            Download a reliable jailbreaking software and a newer IOS version or IPSW firmware for your Ipad.  Make sure that both of them will be compatible with your device and with the PC that you will be using.  Create a folder on your desktop to place both these files after downloading them.

2.            Plug your Ipad to your computer and then launch ITunes.  Select your Ipad from the devices list.  Afterwards, hold the “Shift” button and then click on “Restore”.  Go to the folder that you made and then select the firmware that you downloaded earlier.  Click “Choose”.  This will update your Ipad to the latest firmware.

3.            Launch the jailbreaking software that you downloaded.  Run it and then select the IPSW file.  Once the file is verified, click the “Next” button.  Let the jailbreaking software prepare its jailbreak data.

4.            As soon as options appear, make sure to choose “Install Cydia” and other options that you prefer.  Click “Next” after doing this.  Afterwards, turn your device off and then plug it into your PC.

5.            Get your PC into the DFU mode.  Hold the home and power buttons for 10 seconds and then release the power button first.  Continue holding the home button until installation begins.

6.            The jailbreaking software will then automatically jailbreak and reboot your Ipad.  After the rebooting, your device is then jailbroken.

Jailbreak Ipad – Do It Efficiently Through A Computer Software

If you are intending to jailbreak your Ipad with no problems whatsoever, then doing it through a computer software is the best option for you.  After all, with this method, you will be able to do away with all the hassles that jailbreaking will entail, as well as the complex procedures that other methods have.

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By using a computer software, you will be able to jailbreak your Ipad like an expert and at minimum cost to you.

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How To Jailbreak iPad 4.2.1 – 12 Easy Steps to Jailbreak iPad 4.2.1

Who would not be interested with a jailbreak iPad 4.2.1? Ever since Apple released the newest version, there has been an increasing demand for this gadget. The new features include multitasking, Airprint, Airplay, game centers for iPad and various changes that will surely get everyone excited. The need to jailbreak iPad 4.2.1 also increased in order to maximize everything that free applications can offer. So is it possible to have it jailbroken? The answer is yes and the features and advantages just kept getting better. With so many easy options to choose, jailbreaking iPad 4.2.1 is very much possible.

Why it’s Now Possible to Jailbreak iPad 4.2.1?

It is true that the iPad’s type of 3rd device makes it a wee bit difficult to jailbreak. But it is possible to do so. Ever since Apple Company became so picky with its products especially on the applications permitted to be installed, bright minds have sought ways in order to still get the most of everything iPad has to offer. The only way to do this is through jailbreaking

The features and hardware of iPad are more powerful and capable than iPhone and iPod touches and therefore more perfectly stable when jailbreaking is applied.  The many benefits of an iPad work especially well in multitasking and increases better workflow for the owners. One can even turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Once all the third-party applications are allowed to get into the iPad, it is now easy to personalize the look  and customize the settings. These are all possible through jailbreaking

How to Jailbreak iPad 4.2.1?

The steps to jailbreak iPad 4.2.1 are just easy. All one needs to do first is to do is find a reputable jailbreaking tool to handle the job. One must also check if the latest version of iTunes is running on one’s iPad.  This must be properly in sync so that important files will be backed up easily. After these are done the following guide will show you how to jailbreak iPad 4.2.1.

1. First, verify the iTunes running on the iPad. Check the firmware appropriate for the iPad. It should be compatible with the jailbreak tool that you plan to run in the device. Download the firmware 4.2.1

2. Next, download the jailbreak tool either for PC or Mac. There are tools which work specifically on a particular operating software. Be sure to read the instructions before purchasing it. This should not be difficult to determine.

3. Then, connect the iPad to the PC using a USB cable.

4. Run the jailbreak application. Click browse and find the file which contained the firmware you just downloaded.

5. Choose the simple mode and continue to follow instructions flashed in the screen.

6. Wait while the jailbreak tool finishes with pre jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 ipsw.

7. Once it’s done, a confirmation will appear.

8. Put the iPad in the DFU mode while instructions will guide you through the process.

9. Turn off the device while still connected to the PC.

10. Then press the home and power buttons for ten seconds, then release power button.

11. After the whole process is done, iTunes will then restore the files to the device.

12. When it restarts after the process, then you have successfully jailbroken the iPad. Enjoy and choose many exciting applications to run in your iPad.

There are jailbreak tools nowadays which only require a few clicks and a short wait and jailbreaking is done. This is very easy and will not even take 5 minutes.  Since there are hordes of jailbreak tools now, the decision to choose among them still depends on the user. In doing so, it helps if one checks out from other iPad users which one is effective and helpful.

Many people wonder if jailbreaking will damage or brick their iPads. One has to make sure that applications loaded in the iPad must be safe and updated to use. There are some dubious applications which can harm the device but if one is just careful, he can protect his iPad from bricking.

Reminders About Choosing the Jailbreak Tool

iPad users are also reminded to choose the appropriate software tool. Although most of them can be purchased online, another way to check its credibility is the number of good feedbacks from satisfied clients. If there’s a 24/7 customer support to aid one in jailbreaking the device, then that would be a big plus. It also helps to take note that the selling site must be PayPal verified and must provide customer protection through the money-back guarantee.

One can also ask those who have tried the same process of jailbreaking and how it has been for them. There may be some cautions involved so your money is put to better use. Jailbreaking iPad is definitely legal so there’s really no need to worry if this will violate any law and may put you in a hot seat. The only thing that you lose is the Apple’s warranty. But this can still be obtained once you have set your iPad to its original settings as long as secret is not out that you have tried jailbreaking.

So if you are into getting the best software tool to jailbreak your iPad, it’s high time to do a bit of research online. From this, one can readily observe the number of sites to choose from. All one has to do is follow good advice and verify the effectiveness of the jailbreak tool. One can even participate in forums in order to ask and get several answers from experts.

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Can You Jailbreak iPad: The Answer Is A Big “Yes”

“Why jailbreak iPad in the first place” and “can you jailbreak iPad for real”? – these are the two questions that keep running in the minds of those who have their iPads but then are restricted to enjoy the gadget’s full features and applications mainly because of its factory lock.

What Does Jailbreaking Ipad Mean?

Jailbreaking actually boils down to “hacking” which is essentially carrying out an unauthorized and illegal access or entry such as a third party application for iPad. In other words, by simply jailbreaking, you will be able to enjoy the privilege of obtaining all the jailbroken features, games and apps available in the Internet for download which of course, can only be applicable if your iPad has also been jail broken.

You can say you have successfully hacked your iPad if there is no more need for you to plug in your iPad to the computer. You see, in an unsuccessful hacking or jailbreaking, you will be required to turn on your iPad with the PC; after which you have no choice but to restart it there.

How Does It Work?

So how do iPad jailbreakers really start the jailbreaking process? To jailbreak, you will need to understand that Apple has restrictions as to what features, apps or programs can be installed in their gadgets. In other words, only Apple is supposed to dictate what programs you can put in your iPad. But since there are trainloads of non-Apple apps that can be installed for Padders who have jailbroken theirs, the process of jailbreaking has definitely spread to people like fire making it a trend worldwide.

Simply put, the process of jail breaking works in a way that the code inside the gadget is changed. This right away gives you the opportunity to gain access to countless of illegal jailbroken programs, video games and features that you can download free from charge. Keep in mind that these apps can only be downloaded and installed if you already have jailbroken your iPad.

Step-By-Step Guide To Install

1. To begin installing, keep your iPod running on .3 or .4 software as they are the most current versions appropriate for iPad. If you would like to upgrade, simply go to iTunes store and look for the latest version of firmware that will be well-suited for jail breaking.

2. Download the software that is proven compatible with either the Windows or the Mac program. This you can do by simply visiting a lot of websites offering such jailbreaking programs.

3. Attach your iPad cable to PC after which create a new folder and extract the software to it. Look for the file that contains the jail breaking software, open it as soon as you find it and install right away. That way, you let the jail breaking begin! Make sure you still have your iPAd connected to the computer using the USB cord. That should do the trick of jail breaking your gadget!

4. After which you may then install all the Non-Apple made apps, games, videos, iTunes and programs you have always wanted to upload into your iPad. Go through all the sites that offer them for free and grab any app you want. But then again, let it be put in record that by jail breaking, you automatically forfeit your privilege to have warranty from Apple in cases of damage or breakage.

Simply put, if you are serious about unlocking your iPad in just a few minutes, try installing iJailBreakTool. It is a software program you can use to enjoy countless of benefits from unlocking such device.  Apart from the savings you get from the no-monthly “download fees” required for every download you make, you also get to install non-Apple apps, games, videos and programs!

Last but not least, you will also have the chance to finally modify and customize your theme and icons as well as install all the system-wide gestures you want. If you experience any technical problems, you may simply call their 24-hour Technical Support for free! So there is no way you cannot be happy with this software.  Finally, you now have the chance to download YouTube videos and all the games you want without having to waste money on every download!


Jailbreak iPad Apps – How to Unleash It

Can you Jailbreak iPad Apps? Do you wonder how you can do the process in jailbreaking your iPad? If you are interested to know more about this jailbreaking process on iPad apps, then this article is meant for you.

If you are a gadget enthusiast, for sure you are well updated to the latest gadget that has been released lately particularly about iPads. If you are an enthusiast on this kind of gadget, then you are not the only one who is fond about it. There are lots of people who have been crazy about this little thing because of its features that are irresistible. Although the iPad is equipped with lots of amazing features, it is sad to say that you cannot totally enjoy using the iPad because you need to unleash it first from its restrictions that Apple has embedded on it.

How can you benefit from a jailbroken iPad?

There are lots of things that you can do on a jailbroken iPad. Your iPad can now have multi tasking skills which means you can now have your iPad process different functions at the same time since you have already unleash it from its shell. Furthermore, you can also install your favorite apps on your iPad like the Backgrounder which is one of the most favored apps by many iPad users. Aside from this, you get the chance of achieving a customized iPad depending on the choice of apps that you want to have on your iPad. If you have been thinking if jailbreaking can affect the apps on the App Store, then you need not fret about it. It is because you can still enjoy using your old apps from your App Store just like the old days before doing the jailbreak process.

How to Jailbreak iPad Apps: Uncertain Method

If you want to jailbreak iPad apps on your own, then you are bound to face the risk that you might encounter during the entire process of jailbreaking using this method. Actually, you need to be an iPad expert if you want to unleash your iPad from the restrictions that Apple has put upon it. If you search online, you cannot see a step by step guide on jailbreaking your iPad manually. For sure you do not want to risk your iPad using this method which is not reliable and trusted. However, there is still an alternative way to do the process.

How to Jailbreak iPad Apps: The Reliable Method

To jailbreak your iPad using this method is the best decision you could ever give into your iPad. This is the most trusted method by many iPad users since aside from its easy and convenient to use, you are assured that your iPad is safe from software corruption. Here’s how you are going to do the jailbreak process using this method:

  • You need to make sure that your iPad is updated to the new iOS 4.3.
  • Download the software.
  • Be sure that your iPad is switched off and plug it into your PC or Mac computer.
  • Open the software to install cydia to do the processing.
  • Once the process is completed, your iPad will then restart to install cydia.
  • once the installation of cydia has been completed, you are assured that your iPad has been jailbroken already.
  • Just wait patiently to complete and launch your Ipad.
  • You can now customize your iPad and enjoy unlimited access on your apps.

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Learn the Risk-free Method to Jailbreak iPad iOs 4.2 Untethered

Many owners now resort to jailbreak iPad iOS 4.2 all because of the simple reason that they want to break free from the manufacturer’s clout. Since the product launch of the iPad device, hackers and every person outside of Apple has been slaving away to develop portable devices that have the same function as this gadget.

The mere fact that Apple is locking its system and even goes out of its way to deter jailbreaking only means that more hackers would be working double time to jailbreak this device.

While some are contented with iPad’s initial settings, there are those who prefer to break loose and try many different apps.

The Power of Your iPad

Your iPhone 3GS isn’t as powerful as the iPad device. Apple has actually squeezed in every bit of power that it could muster into the A4 chip, the very thing that’s in your iPad. This chip makes certain that your device runs smoothly and quickly.

Given this power, it’s a wonder that an iPad can’t support multitasking – unless you subject it to the jailbreaking process.

Here’s How to Jailbreak Your iPad iOS 4.2:

•    The very first step is to download the Mac or Windows version of Greenpois0n. It is important to have the distinction from the onset as you can’t use the Mac version with Windows and vice versa.

•    Plug your iPad to your PC and then install Greenpois0n (this is the software that is going to be used as an example here).

•    The Jailbreak button should appear now so make sure that you click on it.

•    The next step is to put your iPad in DFU mode. In order to do this, you will need to do the following –

1.    Plug your iPad to the PC that you are going to jailbreak it with.
2.    Turn your iPad off by pressing the On/Off button at the top of the device. Wait for the screen to turn black before you proceed to the next step.
3.    Hold down your iPad’s On/Off button until you see the Apple logo do this while holding to the Sleep button and the Home button.
4.    Hold down on the Sleep button for approximately 3 seconds and then let go as you keep holding to the Home button.
5.    Hold the iPad Home button for about 15 seconds, making sure that the screen is black the whole time. If anything pops up on the screen during this process, just restart and do the entire process all over again.

•    When you iPad is in DFU mode, just press the Jailbreak button. You should see the jailbreaking progress for your iPad iOS 4.2 by now. This is a jailbreaking process in an untethered state.

•    As soon as the jailbreaking process is done, you should see a new icon, Loader.

•    Launch this icon by tapping on it and then install Cydia (so you will have access to the apps).

•    Reboot your iPad and it should be jailbroken by now.

This can be a pretty complex process for most people so if you want to be ascertained that nothing would go wrong during the jailbreaking process, you should depend on a software that can do everything easily for you:

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The Straightforward Method to Jailbreak iPad 4.2.1 Windows

People have long been waiting in line for the method to jailbreak iPad 4.2.1 Windows. Now you might ask why people are so eager to jailbreak their already great devices.

Here’s a list of reasons why it is still better to jailbreak your iPad than to let it remain at its original condition:

You’ll get the Backgrounder: This is believed to be one of the greatest reasons why you should jailbreak your iPad. One of the downsides of any iPad device is its inability to multitask. With backgrounder, simply put, you can finally multitask!

You can Get the Activator: This is a gesture framework which comes with Backgrounder. It allows you to assign a wide array of gestures and triggers to the system functions. For instance, how about shaking your iPad and getting a screenshot in the process!

You can also have Veency: This is a VNC server for iPad. This allows users to open and also be in control of the device using any computer on a like network.

How does Winterboard sound? This spells themes, themes, themes!

MyWi could also be added to your iPad: This may be a paid application but it’s best in creating a Wi-Fi network that can connect to anything from a laptop to any Wi-Fi only iPad device.

You may also want to delete numerous icons with Cydelete: By the time you’ve enjoyed downloading the various apps and themes, you will probably have hordes of icons on your homescreen courtesy of the Cydia app. This is the easiest way that you can delete unnecessary icons by simply clicking on the little X.

So are you now excited to jailbreak your iPad 4.2.1? Here’s how:

•    First, verify that the iPad is running on the latest version of iTunes which is the 9.1.1 version.

•    Sync your iPad so that you are able to back it up. Make sure that it’s running on OS 3.2.

•    Download a jailbreaking software for Windows.

•    Connect your iPad to your PC with the use of a USB cable.

•    Since you’re using a Windows OS, you need to run the program as an administrator.

•    Right click on the .exe file and then click on the Run as Administrator choice. If you observe any issues, try running this in compatibility mode.

•    Right click in order to go to Properties>Compatibility tab>Check Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 98/Me box.

•    You will not be given a prompt to click the jailbreak button.

•    Just tap on this and you should observe that iPad will reboot on its own.

•    Once the process is done, you will see the Cydia app installed on your iPad desktop. Say hello to thousands of unapproved yet gorgeous apps!

•    Yes, your device is now hacked so enjoy!

If you want a more thorough guide in jailbreaking your iPad 4.2.1 with Windows OS, then you should depend on this one-of-a-kind software:

With over a hundred thousand happy and contented users, you would be wrong to deny the effectivity of this jailbreaking tool. This is the safest unlocking and jailbreaking solution there is, plus, you have expert staff to assist you in every step of the jailbreaking process. You need not worry about going wrong because there are detailed instructions and screenshots to guide you as well!

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How To Jailbreak iPad 4.1 – 9 Easy Steps to Successfully Jailbreak iPad 4.1

Do you want to know how to Jailbreak iPad 4.1? Jailbreaks are software mediums that perform system circumventions in different ways which depends on how the creator understood the mechanics of iPad and how such constructed the tool to do the jailbreak.  The creation of jailbreaking tools provided many benefits than harm to all iPad products since it produces more applications that are not present in a normal iPad unit. The following are jailbreak iPad 4.1 that are commonly used by users which are also disclosed by hackers in the internet:

•    Greenpois0n – a jailbreak brewed and released by Chronic Dev Team to iPad consumers.  The tool is written in 2 exploits which are the SHAtter and kernel exploit given by Comex so as to make the jailbreak untethered.
•    Limera1n - a jailbreak tool made by George Hotz running to Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  The software requires 4.0 and 4.1 firmware in Pads and be connected into a computer.  However, such is known for bugs and needs to restart in order to let Cydia function.  Also, it cannot be uninstalled on which complete deletion will only halt the jailbreak from functioning.
•    PwnageTool - Another software medium for jailbreaker created by iPhone Dev Team.

The Ingredients to Jailbreak iPad 4.1

Hackers often provide the finish product of a jailbreak.  What only users need to comply is the installation and demonstration of procedures to fully run the jailbreak. However, what developers don’t disclose is the components that lead to the creation of jailbreak iPad 4.1 and the nature of processing the final jailbreak output.  According to some generous information divulged, jailbreak is made through technical patching of UNIX file/etc/fstab to enable complete –rwx access on the system partition which then allows system files editing. Original jailbreak tools do the job of jailbreaking by making modifications on the AFC service which is also utilized by iTunes in order to access root file system.
Later, such method is updated into AFC2 service which also enables interception into the main system. Latest jailbreaks on the other hand namely limera1n, 24kpwn, steaks4uce, Pwnage2, and many more do patching on the kernels so as to play around on code signing requirement and other restrictions on which such still needs a one or more exploit to make the tool fully functional.  For jailbreak iPad 4.1, Limera1n bootrom is the exploit used which is a tethered tool but such can be untethered when using another form of exploits.

Jailbreak iPad 4.1 Pathfinder

As a beginner or pro user of jailbreaks, such has the right to become too meticulous in selecting the right jailbreak tool for not all jailbreaking measures results to a successful and fully functional jailbreak.  Others often undergo a series of procedure repetition due to poor guidelines and high technical software terms that inhibits user to accomplish the task and some jailbreaks are just inefficiently created.  Thus, to determine if a jailbreak is effective and systematic, one can look at the step process first prior to application. Once an individual have purchased the jailbreak tool, the complete mechanics can already be browsed in detail which are:

Step 1: In Jailbreaking, iTunes and the firmware version of iPad 4.1 must be downloaded first.
Step 2: Update iTunes and iPad into 4.1 firmware version.
Step 3: After the process, Click Browse icon of the jailbreak tool and  firmware for the iPad unit to begin the jailbreaking measures.
Step 4: The screen will continuously show the Next button after each procedure, just click Next every time it appears.
Step 5: In the last part of the process, there are Sets of Options coming out including Cydia.  Click Cydia and the Next icon again.
Step 6: The user is immediately instructed to turn off the iPad and attach it to a computer.
Step 7: After connecting the device, press the Next button once more on the screen.
Step 8:   In this time, the user is instructed to place the iPad in DFU mode by following the few steps on the screen.
•    Holding power button for 3 seconds
•    Holding power and home icon simultaneously for more than 10 seconds
•    Releasing power button but still holding power button
Step 9: The iPad will then immediately restart after the jailbreaking process.

The Sure Way to Jailbreak iPad 4.1

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The iPad jailbreak is an effective and efficient tool in unlocking systems of Apple and extracting apps from other sources.

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